Here's what we agree to do when performing a Cooling Check:

  1. Check operating head pressure, suction pressure, and superheat.
  2. Check condenser for coil blockage and wash it out if needed.
  3. Check compressor starting and running amps.
  4. Ensure starting device switching properly.
  5. Inspect accessible areas for signs of leaks and rust.
  6. Ensure refrigeration charge is correct.
  7. Check High and Low pressure safety controls.
  8. Oil condenser fan motor - ensure outdoor fan blades are free from vibration and damage. Check running amps and for overheating.
  9. Ensure all installed time delays function properly.
  10. Inspect compressor terminal wiring.
  11. Ensure no signs of burning, overheating, brittle insulation or pinching.
  12. Inspect stat and run capacitors for signs of arching and deterioration.

Here's what we agree to do when performing a Heating Check:

  1. Check indoor air filter.
  2. Oil indoor blower motor. (if necessary)
  3. Check indoor blower motor V-belt and tension.
  4. Check indoor thermostat for proper operation.
  5. Check for visible signs of poor electrical connections.
  6. Check indoor blower wheels for dirt and balance.
  7. Check indoor fan relay and check for proper operation.
  8. Check gas valve for proper operation.
  9. Check and cycle fan safety and upper limit switch.
  10. Check flame safety limits and safety controls.
  11. Check control transformers out voltage and/or FLA.
  12. Check indoor blower motor bearing and shaft.
  13. Check indoor blower motor and run capacitor.
  14. Check indoor blower motor amp draw.
  15. Check burners for proper ignition and burning flame.
  16. Cycle and check electronic ignition coils.
  17. Cycle and check combustion air/ induced draft blower.
  18. Check for proper operation of draft inducer.
  19. Check thermo couple for proper operation.
  20. Check pilot flame for proper burning flame.
  21. Check blower door switch safety and furnace covers.

Special Provisions:

  • 15% discount on total parts and labor.
  • Electronic air cleaner, humidifier, parts of the furnace, and any other parts not listed above are excluded from this agreement.
  • Pulling and cleaning of any major parts are subject to additional fees.